Merica Labz: Patriots Whey

Keep your winning streak going with Merica Labz Patriots Whey!
Choose from 5 amazing flavors to keep your muscle repair going strong, Merica strong!!

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It’s often said that George Washington could not tell a lie. In the spirit of Ol’ Georgie Boy, neither can we: Patriot’ s Whey is the best-tasting protein this side of the Revolutionary War.

Seriously. It’ s as if we traveled back in time to your grandma’ s house in 1986, sat in on your family BBQ, bottled all the delicious desserts, and came back to the present with the formula intact. That’ s why we call it the Revolutionary’ s Protein: because it’ s so damn tasty that it’ s revolutionary

This ain’ t your dad’ s protein – the one that tastes like George’ s wooden teeth. This is good ol’ fashioned American exceptionalism bottled and packed into deliciousness.

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Chubby Coco Nutz, Double Stuffed, Fortuitous Keepsakes, Yankee Doodle, Yosemite Smores


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