About Us

The History:

Located in Bainbridge, GA, our business opened its doors in 1977 as a pharmacy under the name Midtown Drug.  Independently owned and operated, Lifeway Nutrition is an outgrowth from our pharmacy which now focuses its attention on natural alternative medicine and sports nutrition. Lifeway Nutrition gradually came to the forefront in the 1990’s as it transitioned from pharmaceuticals into the natural alternative field. Our pharmacist still maintains his personal license to this day, which provides us with a greater opportunity to serve our customers with the greatest of professional care regarding natural supplements/alternative medicines.

The Advantage:

Having a pharmacist as part of our team uniquely sets us apart from your everyday supplement store. Customers who come to Lifeway Nutrition are able to know with confidence their needs are being met and questions answered thoroughly regarding any pharmaceutical medications they may be taking, as well as if their supplements could cause a possible interaction with their medications. Many of our supplement brands that we carry for alternative medicine are only sold to pharmacists and physicians for this very reason.

What We Strive For:

Our mission at Lifeway Nutrition is to serve your individual needs, through our years of experience and knowledge, as health care professionals in the pharmaceutical industry, by bringing you the best pharmaceutical grade supplements for better health and a better life!

When you call, you will not be routed through an automated system. Instead you will speak with an individual directly who can assist you with your needs and questions.

To Greater Health and Happiness,

Lifeway Nutrition