Shipping & Returns Policy

Shipping may, at its discretion, change its shipping policies, times, or service according to the needs of the company and its employees. Lifeway Nutrition will make every effort to insure that customer orders are properly packaged for shipment and that no item is absent from your package when sent. 

If a product is missing from the customer’s package and our records contain information stating otherwise, we ask that you notify us via our contact page or by telephone within 24 hours of receiving your shipment, so that we may verify our stock levels at the current time to know if a product has not been sent and take the necessary steps in order to rectify the situation.

Shipping Times

Orders are received 24 hours a day from and shipped Monday through Friday, 9:00AM to 5:00PM EST. Orders received before 3:30 will be shipped same business day. Orders received after 3:30PM EST or during the weekend are shipped the next business day. All packages are shipped via the United States Postal Service (USPS), and are shipped at the prices selected at checkout, unless the buyer is eligible for free shipping on their purchase, in which case there will be no shipping fee assessed when free shipping eligibility is selected at checkout.

Other Shipping Information:

Lifeway Nutrition uses the United States Postal Service for all of our shipping. Therefore shipping at checkout are for the following options: First-Class Mail, Priority, and Priority-Express.

Lifeway Nutrition is in no way responsible for any loss or delay that may occur while a shipment is in transit to its destination due to possible mishandling of the mail during shipment. We cannot track down a package for a customer other than through tracking number, and the same information available to the customer will be the same information available to Lifeway Nutrition. Therefore, we ask that if you need tracking assistance to please call or visit your local USPS facility. The customer will have to contact their local USPS office to find out greater details regarding delays in shipment and tracking information. All tracking information for shipments can be viewed at .

Quick Tips and Knowledge about USPS mailing options:

First-Class Mail:

First-Class Mail now comes with tracking, whereas previously it did not. First-Class Mail is a very economical way to send smaller shipments that do not carry more than 1lb in their shipping contents. In general ,from Lifeway Nutrition’s shipments, we have seen First-Class Mail arrive within a 3-5 business day window. However, there can be a downside to First-Class, while it is economical, and can be tracked via tracking number, it can also be rerouted during shipment, this means it can take more than 5 days to get to the customer. We have had some customers tell us that they received a product almost 2 weeks after it was sent, due to the First Class Mail being rerouted. This is not always the case, but it is a possibility. If this occurs we ask that the customer please contact the United States Postal Servce at their local office for further help and details since Lifeway Nutrition can do nothing regarding it’s transit time or delays after it is shipped from our facility.

Priority Mail:

Priority Mail comes with tracking and insurance by the United States Postal Service and is usually delivered within 2-3 business days. Prices will vary according to the dimensions and weight of the package when choosing priority shipping as an option.


Priority-Express comes with tracking, a guarantee of 1-2 business days, and insured by the United States Postal Service. However this option is not cheap and the ability to receive the package within the time frame varies according to each USPS facility and when their deadline is for shipping their Priority Express mails out of their facility! We were told by our USPS office they ships out at 1:oo PM EST. So for our customers to receive the best shipping on Priority Express we have been told they should purchase before 11:30 PM EST in order to prepare shipments and have them in by their deadline for same day shipping.

USPS Price Changes:

The cost of postage is frequently changing, therefore shipping prices can and will vary from time to time. Lifeway Nutrition does not control prices set by the Unites States Postal Service. Prices for shipping and handling are all included within the prices at checkout.

Returns & Refunds

We will be happy to accept returns on purchases within 14 days of the customer having received their order. In order for a customer’s purchase to be eligible for return the product itself cannot be opened or damaged by the customer.

Due to the nature of products sold at Lifeway Nutrition, we do not allow returns for products which have had their protective seal broken. If you receive a product that was sent out incorrectly and was not the product you ordered, we ask that you do not remove the protective seal and return it to us for a full refund of your money or to have Lifeway Nutrition send a replacement of the correct product you intended to purchase (buyer’s preference). Upon receiving the buyer’s return shipment we will inspect the package to make sure all original content for the package is returned (i.e. product(s) and samples/promotional materials that were sent with the original shipment must be present).

Please note: Returning all package materials only applies to customers who have ordered and received the correct product but wish to return it for a refund and not have it replaced. If the customer received the wrong product they may keep the package contents such as samples/promotional materials and simply send in the product itself for replacement of the correct product.

If within the 14 days the buyer decides they do not wish to keep their product they ordered, and the protective seal has not been broken, then the buyer agrees to pay return shipping plus 20% restocking fee if the product they ordered was the correct product and they would like to replace it with another product. Buyers will not be assessed the 20% restocking fee if they received an item they did not order that needs to be returned.

Once the returned package is found to contain it’s original product(s), samples/promo materials; the refund or replacement (buyer’s choice) will be sent to the buyer.